A Testimony of Physical Healing

Two years ago on Valentine’s day I had a sonogram done. This sonogram confirmed that I had a health condition. Both of my ovaries were filled with cysts. The doctors immediately said they didn’t know if I would ever be able to have children.

I had struggled with health issues for a few years. There would be many times when I could barely eat anything without spending an hour sick in the bathroom. Other times I would lay doubled over on the floor, unable to move because of the stabbing pain. We tried antibiotics, probiotics, worm pills, and natural remedies to ‘cure’ my stomach problems. None of these things worked. 

The time I spent constantly in the bathroom became a family joke. Conversations around the dinner table involved the color and consistency of stool. After looking up diseases and disorders on Google, I jokingly told my mother I was convinced that I had stomach cancer.

We visited at least nine doctors in six different places while trying to figure out my health problems. My family’s Russian doctor finally found out what the problem was. She referred us to yet another doctor, and a few too many needle-pokes later I started hormone therapy.

A kind doctor at a supporting church gave me herbal supplements to take. My stomach problems got somewhat better, but they didn’t go away. I started college life, and I didn’t have time to think about my health. I ate whatever I could whenever I could. My body suffered. I gained more than just the ‘freshman fifteen’.

I didn’t like how my medication made me feel, so I went off medication for a month to see what would happen. During that month, all the old pains came back. I had acne again and felt weak and lethargic. 

I started my medication again and during the next three months I gained more weight. My friends and family started noticing a difference in the way I acted. I was extremely moody and couldn’t stop crying. I felt like I couldn’t focus on anything. I was tired of feeling sick.

My professor, his wife, and a few friends of mine started changing the way I thought about food. They pointed out the fact that, “If you know something is making you feel bad… why would you eat it?” After a bit of research and a lot of prayer, I stopped taking all my medications. I became very selective about what I ate. I started doing consistent exercise.

I stopped eating all refined carbs, refined meats, and other processed foods. I cut out all sugar. I stopped eating pork. I cut out all dairy for the first few weeks and slowly weaned back everything but milk. I cut out soda, coffee, and juice.

I was told to eat fruit and drink water separate from when I ate meals, as this would imbalance the stomach acid needed to digest properly. I started taking herbal supplements and vitamins. I also began alternating days of cardio exercise with low impact exercises like pilates.  

After about five months of living like this, my body is now (almost) completely back to normal. All my cysts are gone. I don’t have any more pain. I’m not moody anymore. I have more energy and focus. I don’t have headaches. My BMI is healthy again. I sleep like a baby every night. My acne is gone. My stool is beautiful. With the combination of prayer and lifestyle change, my body is now healed.

It is such a blessing to feel healthy again. Surprisingly, I don’t hate my life. I don’t crave sugar. I don’t miss eating refined carbs. I enjoy eating healthy, because I feel amazing. My grandpa was joking one day and said, “Abby, you’re going to have amazing arteries and then probably die of a car accident at age 36.” To which I promptly responded, “Sounds great… at least I’ll have enough energy to fully enjoy my life while I’m here.”

I realize that ultimately God is the one who holds our health in His hands. He is the ultimate healer. We can’t heal ourselves. But, we do have the ability to take care of our bodies. We have been entrusted with this body while on earth. If we are Christians, even our bodies aren’t ours, they are Christ’s. Perhaps getting enough sleep each night, exercising, and eating healthy is just a way that we can serve each other and serve Him better.

(But on that note, if you are sick, please don’t just go off all your medications without a lot of research.)

Also, here’s a really good article about all of this:


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