Note To Self

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Who would you talk to? What people would you reach for Christ? What job would you pursue? Where would you go? How much would you give? What would you say to your co-workers? What would you say to your friends? How many new dreams would you have? Where would you spend your time?

What are you afraid of? Rejection?

You’ve already been accepted by the only one who’s opinion matters.

No, don’t go around without deodorant on. You’ve still got to care a little about what people think.

But, just think what God could do through you if you weren’t afraid.

What would’ve happened if you had witnessed to that man at the DMV?

Maybe that cashier at Dollar General was struggling and needed to hear truth. But you kept your mouth shut. You didn’t want to look weird.

What would happen if you listened to the Spirit’s leading?

Run to where you feel Him taking you. Set aside the worries. Don’t fear the unknown.

Get outside the house. Get outside the car. Go there, even when you feel out of place or un-popular. Take your Bible with you. Take a taser too, if that makes you feel comfortable.

Why are you letting fear rob your enjoyment of God?

Pray. Sing. Out loud. Dance. Put your hands up and worship God.

Your God; He holds the oceans in His palm. He measures the sky with the distance between His pinky and thumb. When He speaks, people tremble with awe and beg that He stop. The King of the universe knows the hairs on your head. Don’t be afraid; fear HIM.

Abby, fear Him first.

Then sit back and watch what He’ll do through you.

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