Single and Waiting: God Wants Our Hearts

Dear sister,

You are waiting.

You are waiting for prince charming. You are waiting for that someone who will make you feel special and beautiful.

You are waiting for that feeling of security. You want to feel the butterflies in your tummy when you see him walk in the room.

You are waiting to be held. You want the ability to melt into someone’s strong arms. You want to steal his hoodie and wear it just so you can feel that he’s close.  

You want a family. You are waiting to argue about what to name your kids. You want to be annoyed at someone for leaving dirty clothes around the house.  

You are waiting to feel like you belong with someone. You want a companion in life. You want to be vulnerable with someone and know you won’t be rejected.  

You are waiting to hear someone say, “I love you.”

These times of waiting are a gift, because they show how much God satisfies.   

You don’t need prince charming to be complete. You are special and beautiful, because you’ve been redeemed by the one most special and beautiful.

You are secure. You have a standing before the Father that will never be shaken, because when He sees you, He sees Jesus.  

You are held. Just think of how much He loves you. He holds all your tears in a bottle. He loves you so terribly much. He even knows how many hairs are on your head.

You have a family. You are a part of the best kind of family: the family of Christ. You are hugely valuable to the church family. You have the special gift of time. You have extra freedom to serve and give.

You do belong with someone. He is the best companion any girl could dream of. He has already seen you at your worst, and He loves you despite what He sees. He is that valiant storybook hero who gave His life for you, the fair maiden.

He loves you. He literately wrote you a sixty- six book love letter.

He’s not teasing you by giving you desires and not fulfilling them. He promises to give you Himself, and He will be the fulfillment of your every desire.

Perhaps He has you single because He doesn’t want to share you quite yet. He wants you all to Himself. He wants your heart.

One thought on “Single and Waiting: God Wants Our Hearts

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Bee! 💕 A wonderful perspective, our God is more than enough! It is merely an added blessing when he does allow us to meet and fall in love with the one He has made for us, if that is his will! It will be worth any wait! Don’t settle!!

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